North Island Cruisers Club

The President’s message:

The North Island Cruisers:

are registered under the Society Act as a “not for profit society”. That means that we can raise money through events like our car show, but that the club shall carry on its objectives without gain for its members, and profits or other accretions to the society shall be used in promoting its objectives. Our practice has been to make significant donations to local causes and charities whenever possible.

The following is an excerpt from our constitution that explains the purpose of the North Island Cruisers: The Purposes of the Society are as follows:

(a) To promote and encourage the restoration, modification and upgrading of motor vehicles with a primary focus on vehicles thirty (30) years old or older, but also including sports cars, muscle cars, race cars, exotics and special interest vehicles as defined by the members.

(b) To share knowledge of the members of the Society on the area of restoring, modifying and upgrading of motor vehicles.

(c) To hold meetings and arrange for social events, competitions and rod runs for its members and others sharing the same interests.

(d) To arrange for insurance, periodicals and publicity for the benefit of its members.

(e) To promote motor vehicle safety and courtesy and foster public understanding of its objectives.

Each year, on Sunday of the Labour Day weekend, the North Island Cruisers host an incredible car show in downtown Campbell River. The efforts of volunteers from the North Island Cruisers, as well as other local car clubs, bring one of the biggest events that takes place in our beautiful city. Local merchants support our efforts by sponsoring the trophies and t-shirts, while the City of Campbell River and Tyee Plaza Shopping Centre allow the use of the main street and shopping centre parking lot. Service clubs from the area supply food kiosks, first aid, and have 50/50 draws to build excitement and raise money. Old time Rock & Roll music fills the air for entertainment during the event. The quality and variety of the entries provides something for every taste, as the show is open to all types of vehicles. The main focus is on vintage cars and trucks and includes sports cars, muscle cars, racecars, exotics and special interest vehicles. Participants have come from as far away as California. Proceeds from the event benefit local charities.